HPC Everywhere 

Our cloud computing solution provides a single pane view to the entire engineering and simulation lifecycle - delivering ease of access, application integration, remote visualization, data management and analytics, cloud-friendly licensing, as well as a powerful and secure workload management solution.

Manage & Control

The HPC administrators command center for deploying, managing, monitoring and optimizing HPC appliances on any cloud 

(public, private, and hybrid).

Control HPC resources and provide 360-degree visibility and agility to HPC system administrators for monitoring, tuning, and reporting.

  • Single pane view
  • One-click deployment of HPC appliance on private & public cloud
  • Simple UX drag and drop GUI to create a HPC appliance 
  • Real-time monitoring for preventive maintenance 
  • Analyze & optimize resources, workload, policies & SLA’s

“Altair’s PBS Works is our most significant functionality update since the move to HPC itself. It has greatly improved the speed and efficiency 

of our process.”

-Eric Morales 

Senior Research Engineer, PING Golf

A gateway to collaborative innovation. 

Access Anywhere

A portal for engineer’s and researches to access HPC resources.

  • Novice to Expert access to HPC resources
  • Same UX for desktop, web and mobile
  • Secure access to HPC resources
  • Submit, monitor progress, steer, fix and rerun jobs
  • Collaborate and analyze results in 3D visually

“Ultimately, the cost savings to the government is huge. Savings are achieved through reduced hardware costs, reduced staffing requirements, reduced security maintenance and other costs, licensing fees, etc.” 

- Joseph Swartz, Program Chief Scientist at Lockheed Martin

Poly-Cloud Deployment

A modern cloud platform as a service to model, create, deploy, manage and monitor HPC appliances on multi clouds

  • No cloud lock-in; choose your preferred providers
  • Easy deployment of complex architecture in minutes
  • Customize security policies and role based access
  • Create your rules to burst on peak loads
  • Open Source business model

Accelerate Innovation with HPC in the cloud.


A framework that provides automatic cloud bursting capabilities during peak demand.

  • Cut down time to market
  • Mobilize resources quickly and securely
  • Meet real time demand 
  • Reliable large-scale computing 
  • Gain agility with lower development costs

HPC Administrators command center for managing, optimizing and forecasting HPC Resources.

Democratize HPC, design, simulation, analytics & optimization by providing cloud access to vertical applications and increase the pace of innovation through collaboration.

A simplified suite allowing engineers to expand CAE computing capacity and quickly utilize HPC so that they can intelligently manage resources efficiently.

Application Appliances

  • Resource provisioning
  • Workload management and scheduling
  • Security and licensing framework
  • Enabled remote visualization, notification, and collaboration
  • Minimum IT burden

“The real advantage that working with Altair gives us is that their HyperWorks Unlimited installation enables us to have the processing power to solve problems, almost real time as they come up. We can speed up our rate of mechanical design such that we can deliver the latest technology and performance to our customers."

HyperWorks Unlimited Appliance at Luxury Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Hutch Hutchison, Head of Design, Vertu

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